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Issuing International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

ISBN is an international standard number for books that identifies the title of each publication. The aim is to give each intellectual work a unique number that can’t be duplicated. This number is what distinguishes an Intellectual work from another, and is used by publishing entities.

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The publisher (individual and private institutions) is obligated to attach the printing permission issued for ISBN issued


The publisher is obligated to follow international and local laws and procedures relating to ISBN.


The publisher is obliged to inform the Ministry of Culture and Youth of any change in its information of the publisher or the issuance, and sent by e-mail to


The publisher is obliged to place the ISBN on the back page of the book cover as specified by the Ministry of Culture and Youth. If this is not possible, put it on the front page of the book cover.


The publisher is committed not to use the same ISBN on any other book, and the book, which consists of several parts; each part will give its own ISBN.


If the additional binding envelope is in place, the publisher is required to place the ISBN at the bottom of the background page for binding from outside. If this is not possible, place it in another location and be clear.


The publisher shall ensure that the font used for printing the ISBN is not less than (9) points.


The recipient of an ISBN does not mean that he is granted a license for the contents of the book and does not mean granting him intellectual property rights for the book, but rather obtaining an international identification code for his book.


The publisher is obliged to deliver 3 copies of the printed book, for the purposes of legal deposit in the National Library as stated in the Reading Law of 2016 item 11 in Article 10, and to deliver the copies at the nearest cultural center of the Ministry of Culture and Youth.


Customer login to the e-services portal or smartphone application.


The customer should fill the screen of the service request for issuing ISBN and attach the required documents


MCY will Verify the application data


Issuing ISBN certificate by the Ministry, sending it to the customer

  • In case the application is submitted by authors :

    A valid print permission issued

  • In case the application is submitted by the governmental institutions:

    An internal decision issued by the director of the institution or its equivalent in the position, according to the authority

  • In case the application is submitted by private institutions:

    copy of the commercial register of the institution

  • A valid print permission issued

  • Abu Dhabi Culture and Knowledge Center

  • Al Dhafra Culture and Knowledge Center

  • Ajman Culture Center

  • Umm Al Quwain Cultural Center

  • Ras Al Khaimah Cultural Center

  • Fujairah Culture Center

  • Dibba Al Fujairah Culture and Knowledge Center

  • Masafi Cultural Center