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    • Copies of contracts / agreements / work requests that were canceled indicating the amounts lost by the applicant in the months (March, April, and May) for the year 2020 to be approved (signed and sealed) from both parties, and attaches that indicate the cancellation by the second party and if this is not available, all correspondence between the two parties is attached (an e-mail) that includes what is stating the contract with the company, scope of work, cost of work, date of disbursement of payments, date of contract and execution of work, and what indicates that the contract has been canceled
    • If all of the above is not available: new correspondence (a new email) is prepared between the two parties that includes what indicates the contract with the company and the company‚Äôs license number, the scope of work, the cost of work, the dates of disbursement of payments, the contracting date and execution of the work, and what indicates that The contract has been canceled.


    Yes, applications are allowed for companies employing less than 20 employees

    An electronic bank account can be submitted including the bank letterhead.

    Yes, all applicants will be informed of the result, whether they were accepted in the program or rejected.

    After completing the application evaluation process and conforming to the program criteria.

    Two weeks after the registration was opened, on the 14th of July

    The scope of the program has been expanded and companies with 10-20 employees are allowed to apply for the grant.

    The value of the grant varies according to the evaluation and the documents provided, but it ranges between AED 15,000-75,000 maximum in Cash.

    You can apply for the program by visiting our website: and filling in the form available with all of the required details.

    No, the license must have been issued at least six months ago i.e. October 2019 or earlier

    Yes, according to the decision of the Federal Authority for Citizenship and Residency, expired residencies have been extended until the end of 2020.

    Citizens and expats residing in the UAE can apply for the program

    This support is a grant and is not required to be paid back.

    It depends on the accuracy and completion of documents in the form where the evaluation and audit stage begins, then providing support if the criteria is met.

    No, we have a clear criteria for applications that will be evaluated. Applications that fulfill the criteria and those are mostly affected will be receiving the grant.

    An individual without a license cannot apply for the program.

    All companies registered in the UAE can apply for the program

    Yes, you can apply to the National Creative Relief Program.

    The segments of cultural and creative industries eligible for financial grants include the following:

    • Natural and cultural heritage which includes museums, monuments, historical places, natural heritage, cultural education, intangible cultural heritage
    • Performing arts, which include music, festivals and exhibitions
    • Visual arts and crafts, which includes fine art, photography, crafts and other ways of digital reproduction of works
    • Press and Literature includes writing for books, magazines, newspapers, libraries and archives.
    • Audiovisual and interactive media including movies and video, television and radio, interactive media, electronic games
    • Design and creative services including fashion design, interior design, landscape design, architectural design and services, design and advertising services, jewelry design, culinary arts, technology and software design.

    Applications for individuals and companies will be evaluated by the following criteria:

    • The size of loss incurred by an individual or a company during March, April and May as a result of cancellation of contracts or work
    • The amount of financial difficulties on individuals and companies in view of the available cash amounts in relation to financial obligations in the next 3 months
    • Track record for producing creative content in the UAE since 2019
    • Steps that are taken by the applicant to sustain their business for the time being

    Support includes the following categories:

    • Creative Individuals who are citizens and residents in UAE and hold a license to operate their business.
    • Small companies operating in the cultural and creative industries sector that employ 20 people or less.

© 2020 Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development | Cultural and Creative Industries Council | Arts Council

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