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Welcome to the Ministry of Culture and youth digital platform in collaboration with the Arts Council and the Cultural and Creative Industries. The platform supports efforts from the federal government and cultural institutions to overcome industry challenges in the time of COVID-19.

Arts Council

Cultural and Creative Industries Council

Cultural Council

The Ministry of Culture and youth established three Cultural Councils: Heritage Council, the Arts Council, and the Cultural and Creative Industries Council. A sector-focused platform aimed at driving discussions amongst industry stakeholders to further the creative and cultural industries in the UAE. The initiative aligns with the Ministry of Culture and Youth’s strategy to champion cultural innovation, preserve the UAE national identity and promote the country’s position on the global cultural map through the innovative and creative development of the cultural sector. The Cultural Councils play an integral role in monitoring and analysing the various trends shaping the respective creative and cultural industries and anticipate any upcoming challenges. The regular meetings provide all council members with the opportunity to recommend policy changes and initiatives that can potentially enhance the sectors and ensure that the UAE’s cultural agenda is all-encompassing while creating a collaborative culture amongst partners.


  • Driving discussions amongst industry stakeholders
  • Placing forward legislations and policies
  • Joint planning between all three sectors
  • Sharing experiences and best practices

National Creative Relief Program

Thank you for applying to the National , Creative Relief Program and your keenness to join our cultural initiative. You will receive an email from our representatives to inform you of the status of your application. We hope that you will continue your practice and have other opportunities in the future.


Art and culture organizations and institutions in the UAE launched numerous initiatives and programs to support and sustain the cultural sector in the UAE. You will find summary of those initiatives in this section.
  • Digital Cultural & Artistic Initiatives

Sharjah Art Foundation has compiled a list of online resources, workshops and courses designed for those looking to learn new skills or enhance their knowledge. […]

Sharjah Art Foundation

  • Digital Cultural & Artistic Initiatives

Warehouse421 has launched the Warehouse421 Project Revival Fund, part of the program that aims to alleviate the disruption affecting the creative production impacted by the challenges […]


  • Knowledge Initiatives

A resource for those seeking arts and culture opportunities in the UAE, the region and beyond, this list will be updated regularly

Sharjah Art Foundation

  • Virtual Cultural Sessions

Dubai-based Emirates Literature Foundation organized a seminar on the “Epidemics in Literature” to discuss how a number of writers used epidemics in their writings, either […]

Emirates Literature Foundation

  • Virtual Cultural Sessions

The Cultural Summit in Abu Dhabi is convened virtually and discusses “the role of culture in uniting the world in times of crisis”. The Summit […]

Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

  • Economic Catalysts

Emirates Publishers Association announced measures and initiatives aimed at supporting Emirati publishers through platforms for to publish audio and electronic books. Emirates Publishers Association will […]

Emirates Publishers Association

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Share with us your feedback and suggestions to support the cultural and creative sector in the UAE.

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